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At MELÉ BEACH we were inspired by the beauty of nature to design our collections. Our designs offer women comfort and femininity, being thought to enjoy their holidays and summer.
We offer high quality in our products, working with viscose, cotton and silk, among other materials. In addition, the fabrics are lightweight, comfortable and easy to care for.

Make yourself beautiful

We dress a woman of free spirit, of Mediterranean essence, with a hippie-chic style and bohemian airs. A functional and always presumptuous woman who bets on the power of colour and tie dyes prints, for summers by the sea.

With much love

MELÉ BEACH products are carefully elaborated, they are handmade with love. Traditional printing techniques and natural pigments are used to create the dyes. The small differences and singularities between the products are part of the charm of artisan production.

A lifestyle

Our main objective when designing our collections is to know what a woman is looking for in fashion, a natural woman of bohemian and feminine style. We look for the comfort and we bet for the last tendencies, with exclusive designs and full of small details that give him that so special touch.

With more than 3 decades of experience in the textile sector, we market and distribute the Melé Beach collections mainly in Spain and Portugal, as well as in a large part of Europe and the Caribbean.


The beginnings of MELÉ BEACH arise in Salou (Spain) and currently we also have headquarters in Barcelona and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

We hope you like our point of view of seeing fashion!
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